Parish precept increase for 2023-2024


Parish precept increase for 2023-2024

Unfortunately, Warslow and Elkstones Parish Council had to make a very difficult decision at the parish council meeting of 25th January 2023 to increase the parish precept for 2023-2024.  A lengthy discussion took place with reference to next year’s financial budget.

A number of financial reasons influenced the decision, including a very important project to commence for the benefit of the whole parish.

This project is to attempt to secure future burial facilities within the parish, as the churchyard is approaching full capacity.  There are some very significant costs involved in the provision of new burial facilities but it is hoped that it will be appreciated by parishioners that this will be of a huge benefit, as the alternative could mean burials having to take place away from the parish.

In addition, 2023 is a parish council election year.  A contested election can involve significant expenditure to the parish council and has to be taken into consideration.  Lengthsman duties and parish maintenance remain a significant portion of the parish council’s budget to ensure the parish remains in an attractive state for everyone’s benefit.

The actual increase to the precept, in monetary terms, to Band D properties will actually not be too significant; however, in terms of a percentage increase, in comparison to the previous year, has somewhat increased.

Parishioners are always welcome to attend parish council meetings and a dedicated public speaking section appears on every agenda.  The agendas can be found on the parish noticeboards and the parish council’s website.


Mrs S Hampson

Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer

Warslow and Elkstones Parish Council

26th January 2023

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