Onecote Road – Tree cutting at Elkstone Junction

Highways Issue Inspected – Enquiry 4086567
Dear Mr Stephen Mansfield Clerk WEPC
This is an update to your enquiry dated 18/07/2017 in relation to ONECOTE ROAD.
A highways inspector has now assessed the site and arranged for repairs to be carried out.
The reported issue is not considered to be a high risk to public safety and so the repairs will be grouped with similar works in the area in order to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. Currently over 50% of these repairs take place within 60 days. The remaining defects are repaired as soon as resources are available.
You will receive a further email when the works have been completed. You can also check on the progress of your report online at
General Information about Repairs
Timescales for repairs are determined by the defect’s location, size and ultimately, the risk the defect poses to public safety.
Currently 97% of the most urgent defects are repaired within seven days. However, the majority of reported defects are inspected and categorised as non-urgent and, to be as efficient and cost effective as possible, these repairs are grouped by location and work type. Currently over 50% of these lower risk repairs take place within 60 days.
The repair of defects reported to the County Council form part of a much bigger highway maintenance operation across our road network. This includes a range of planned activities to ensure limited budgets are used in the most effective way. This includes: resurfacing works along roads that have reached their end of life; surface dressing roads to protect them from further deterioration; drainage renewals; and regular maintenance activities such as gully emptying and grass cutting.
More information about these activities can be found online at
Kind regards
The Highways Team

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